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Water Filtration Systems

Our water filtration systems are the low-cost solution to today’s expensive water options. No more hassle with plastic water bottles or refilling dispensers, plus, you save energy and money.

This is an abbreviated list of vending products we sell; for the complete list, please contact us.

Quantum Drinking Water Systems

Quantum Point of Use Water Coolers is the low-cost alternative to bottled water. Premium quality water is always at your fingertips.

  • No more storing of bottles
  • No lifting of heavy bottles
  • No running out of water
  • No waiting for deliveries
  • No monthly bottle deposits
  • No increase in cost if consumption goes up
  • Guaranteed high-quality water (.5 micron filter)
  • Save money
  • Energy Star compliant, the compressor uses 20%-30% less energy
  • One simple monthly payment ($30/cooler) Filter capacity of 150, five-gallon water bottles